Building capacity and team work: East Africa team together in Rwanda

ICF/EWT East Africa team participated in a training on Conservation Agreements in Musanze Rwanda. It was held at Dianna Fossey Gorilla Fund Center, and facilitated by Conservation International. Attended by over 25 participants drawn from government and civil society organizations, the 2018 training aimed at achieving the following objectives;
1. Introduce the conservation agreements model to new participants while widening and deepening the model understanding for participants trained in 2017
2. Offer a platform for organizations already using the conservation agreements and other community based conservation approaches to share their experiences and challenges, and to further co-create opportunities and solutions
The 1st day focused on introducing the conservation agreements model to new participants. The second day was dedicated to sharing experiences on community engagement.

The team made field visits to project sites in Rwanda to familiarize and review project progress. Of the areas visited included Rugezi Marsh, where fodder, piggery and bee keeping livelihood projects that are under Conservation Agreement model. We also visited Akanyaru wetland, and witnessed the on-going peat to power project, that threatens the continued existence of the wetland and associated biodiversity. We also visited Nyabarongo wetland and participated in Omuganda (community service program), where we interacted with a school crane conservation club. The team also held an internal session to update each other on the status of the projects, reviewed results chains for the conservation agreement and crane custodianship strategies as well as developed a results chain for awareness creation



Jimmy helping move bricks for a new house being built as part of Omuganda (Community self help)


Article by Rudolf Makhanu, Kenya Country Coordinator

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