Go green for frogs this February!

LDFF (2)

Leap Day for Frogs, coordinated by the Endangered Wildlife Trust, is South Africa’s flagship campaign for raising awareness about and celebrating frogs. This year we’re calling on all schools, businesses or organisations with a passion for conservation, to get involved and make a difference. Take part in this year’s Leap Day for Frogs on 28 February, or during that week, by dressing in green and donating R10 per learner/person towards the conservation and protection of some of South Africa’s most endangered frog species…and have some fun in the process!

Schools or organisations with the most participants stand to win an extra special frog walk with our amphibian specialist. Other prizes include an LED headlamp to help in the search for froggy friends, and a hamper from outdoor specialists, Trappers. Those wishing to participate can register here and can share their fabulous photos of the event afterwards on the Leap Day for Frogs Facebook page.

These small creatures have been around since long before the dinosaurs came and went, but are now disappearing across the planet, including in South Africa. Leap Day for Frogs provides the perfect platform to have some fun in the quest to bring the plight of frogs to the public across the country.

There are 125 frog species in South Africa, of which approximately one third are threatened as a result of loss of habitat, increasing levels of pollution in freshwater systems, disease and climate change. The EWT’s Threatened Amphibian Programme is working hard to secure populations of some of South Africa’s most threatened amphibian species, including the Critically Endangered Amathole Toad, the Endangered Pickersgill’s Reed Frog, and the Endangered Kloof Frog. This we do by protecting their key habitats, cleaning up wetlands, educating people on the role of frogs in the ecosystem and undertaking research on poorly understood species. This makes Leap Day for Frogs a very special day on the environmental calendar.

For more information please visit http://www.leapdayforfrogs.org.za/




Dr Jeanne Tarrant

Manager: Threatened Amphibian Programme

Endangered Wildlife Trust

Tel: +27 83 254 9563



Belinda Glenn

Marketing and Communications Manager

Endangered Wildlife Trust

Tel: +27 87 021 0398


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