Ryobi helps to clear the way forward for Knysna

Established in 1988, Stevens & Co has built a solid reputation as Africa’s leading power tool supplier. We are the sole agents and distributors for Ryobi power tools in Sub-Saharan Africa. We offer easy-to-use products renowned for being highly functional and durable. With over 350 different models covering all equipment categories, Ryobi’s range satisfies the needs of both trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts, alike. No other distributor can offer such a comprehensive range of power equipment, from industrial grinders, hand held drills and generators to gardening equipment and welders, we offer quality solutions that are truly built to last.

After the devastating Knysna fires, the EWT sent an emergency response team to assess the potential impacts of the fires on the estuary and to determine the response required.  The Knysna estuary is South Africa’s most important estuary for biodiversity conservation and supports the largest meadows of seagrass in the country. Seagrass meadows are considered one of the most productive ecosystems in the world, providing shelter and food to an incredibly diverse community of animals, from tiny invertebrates to large fish, crabs, marine mammals and birds. In Knysna, the seagrass provides critical habitat to a myriad of species including the endangered Knysna seahorse and the critically endangered false limpet.

Seagrass meadows in South Africa and in Knysna are under an increasing threat of extinction, particularly from sediment runoff and nutrient pollution – both of which are likely to be exacerbated by the Knysna fires. While fires in fynbos are natural and needed at intervals of approximately 12 years for its survival, a lack of fire and invasion by alien plant species both contributed to the devastatingly hot fires that ripped through Knysna.  As an emergency response, the EWT, in partnership with various government and non-government stakeholders, has set out to mitigate these post-fire impacts in the Knysna catchment by identifying the primary erosion and nutrient pollution sources in order to prioritise and implement measures to minimise these impacts. Long term, the EWT aims to work with local authorities and organisations in tackling the devastating spread of invasive alien plants in the Garden Route.

With our personal love and appreciation for wildlife and the conservation thereof, it is easy for Ryobi to relate and align ourselves with the EWT.  The natural synergy between the two brands creates a perfect match, and with a cause so close to our hearts, it has been a clear and obvious choice to support the work being done by the EWT. For every Ryobi chainsaw or brush cutter sold with the EWT sticker on it, we are contributing R25 towards the EWT’s Knysna rehabilitation project. Our end goal is to raise R150,000.


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One Response to Ryobi helps to clear the way forward for Knysna

  1. Lea de Young says:

    It is nice that Ryobi is teaming up with the Endangered Wildlife Trust and I sincerely hope they will include the sales from the products worldwide and not just Africa. Thank you Ryobi for doing this in order to help our sick planet. Bravo!!

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