11th November 2015

Do you want to save an Endangered species whilst you contribute to conservation and social change? Join our movement for change and purchase our collector’s range of beautifully beaded bracelets. In partnership with Relate, the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) continues to raise funds for critical conservation work through the sale of locally beaded bracelets.
“Each beaded bracelet is a symbol of hope for species that are under threat of extinction which are in need of urgent conservation action. We are extremely passionate about the conservation of our species and the Relate bracelets are a great avenue which are available to ordinary members of the public to give towards the conservation of threatened species.” Says Debbie Thiart, the EWT’s Public Relations Officer.

Earnings of each bracelet help protect a specific threatened species. Our range of threatened species bracelets includes a Pickergill Reed Frog, Bateleur (eagle), Cheetah, Wild Dog, Dugong and Rhino bracelets. Expect a new addition to this range this November, “the Ocean bracelet’’. The bracelets are available through the Relate online shop at http://www.relate.org.za, the EWT’s online shop at www. ewtshop.co.za and at selected retail outlets including CNA, Trappers and Tiger’s Eye.


Money from the sale of every Relate bracelet supports the conservation activities of threatened and Endangered species. The EWT’s work to conserve the Critically Endangered Pickersgill’s Reed Frog includes assessing and monitoring restoration of four wetland sites in the greater Durban area, as well as working with schools, landowners and communities close to the Pickergill’s Red Frog sites.
The EWT actions conservation projects for a wide range of raptors including eagles. This includes conducting research, conducting awareness at schools and communities, the monitoring of breeding populations and nesting sites, fitting the birds with satellite tracking units, as well as responding to bird collision incidents and bird poising incidents.
The work towards conserving the Endangered Wild Dog, and Cheetah includes monitoring their populations across the country; addressing human-wildlife conflict; supporting landowners, farmers and communities to live in harmony with these carnivores; as well as increasing their habitat. The EWT’s Wild Dog Metapopulation project coordinated the movement of 15 African Wild Dogs into ten fenced reserves and has thus increased South Africa’s Wild Dog Population. The EWT’s Managed Cheetah Metapopulation Project has driven the introduction of Cheetahs into 52 fenced reserves across South Africa. These reserves cover more than one million hectares of new, safe Cheetah habitat and this has increased their total area of occupancy in South Africa by 11%.
The EWT is also working to save the last remaining 250 Critically Endangered Western Indian Ocean Dugongs from gill net entanglement and habitat loss. Over the past year 450 patrols were conducted across a distance of 23,982 kms where 1671 items of illegal fishing equipment was confiscated.

With the increase of rhino poaching the EWT undertakes education and awareness campaigns and involves communities, schools, law enforcement officials, and conservation agencies with the aim of reducing wildlife crimes, curbing rhino poaching and the illegal trade of rhino horn.
To-date, members of the public have bought 118 703 endangered species themed bracelets which have supported the EWT by generating R998 402.50 for critical conservation work, whilst a similar amount of R998 402.50 has also gone towards providing earnings and the skills training for the elderly bracelet-makers. This ensure that funds go towards saving the planet and people.
“Most of the bracelet-makers are elderly women who are living on government pensions who bear the brunt of supporting entire families – in numerous cases raising their grandchildren alone. The bracelet-making provides them with extra income. It also gives them an opportunity to get together with other elders of their community and talk, laugh and make connections. They are the ones who bead the miles and miles of elastic string used to make the bracelets – more than 50 million beads in just 4 years!” says Dalit Shekel, Marketing & Sales Manager for Relate Bracelets.
Through the sale of all their beaded bracelets, Relate creates earning and up-skilling opportunities to improve the lives of the otherwise unemployed men and women making the bracelets. The sale of the bracelets also means investment for local enterprise development initiatives and enables an open philanthropic drive to help other credible charities. There is complete accountability and transparency from start to finish, about how funds from the sale of each bracelet are spent and the two non-profit organisations working together on this Threatened Species range, ensure that all funds go into making real change for people and the planet.

The EWT would like to thank members of the public and our valued supporters who make it a point to purchase the Relate Bracelets. To ensure your support for the Relate bracelets always look for the signature R bead on the bracelet. This is a mark of Relate’s authenticity and represents their commitment to transparency and accountability. For more information on the Relate Bracelets–contact Debbie Thiart on 011 372 3600 or debbiet@ewt.org.za or http://www.ewt.org.za and Dalit Shekel on bracelets@relate.org.za or http://www.relate.org.za.
Relate bracelets is a 100% not for profit social enterprise which has raised more than R29 million to date from the sale of just under 1,9m bracelets through retail and corporate partners. In the process creating earning opportunities and skills programs for 350 people on a daily basis. Whilst Relate operates in the ‘Non Profit’ the profits reaped through the sale of bracelets create tangible impacts by raising funds for causes across all spectrums of social change in South Africa.


Image Captions: The Social Entrepreneurs who make and earn a living from the bracelets

Debbie Thiart
Public Relations Officer
Endangered Wildlife Trust
Tel: +27 11 372 3600


Dalit Shekel
Sales Manager
Relate Bracelets
Tel: + 21 21 418 3144


Lillian Mlambo
Communication and Brand Manager
Endangered Wildlife Trust
Tel: +27 11 372 3600

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