Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) is proud to bestow its prestigious 2015 Cheetah Award

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The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) is proud to bestow its prestigious Cheetah Award to Angus Burns of WWF SA and Jeremy Borg of Painted Wolf Wines, Both Angus and Jeremy have contributed significantly towards supporting and advancing the EWT’s conservation efforts in South Africa.

The Cheetah Award is awarded to individuals who have gone beyond the call of duty and extended themselves over a prolonged period of time in support of achieving the Mission of the EWT, which is to conserve threatened species and ecosystems throughout the region to the benefit of all.

The EWT Cheetah Awards are highly prized and valued for their acknowledgement of the individual’s role in supporting the work and sustainability of the EWT. Jeremy Borg is a true conservationist. His passion for Wild Dogs is so encompassing that he even named his wine label “Painted Wolf Wine” dedicating his wine to Wild Dogs. Painted Wolf Wines supplies wines like The Den, Cape Hunting Blends and Pictus Shiraz. Jeremey supports the EWT’s Carnivore Conservation Programme financially through the sale of his wines. He is also exceptionally generous in providing wines as prizes and gifts whenever requested.

“Apart from giving financially towards the Wild Dog Project over the past years, Jeremy promotes the EWT and Wild Dogs at every opportunity at wine shows and wine tasting events. He is also an avid mountain biker and uses this to promote the plight of the Wild Dog. He has been on field trips with the team and is always available for EWT events and that makes him a worthy recipient of the Cheetah Award.” Remarked Kelly Marnewick, the EWT’s Carnivore Conservation Programme Manager.

Angus Burns who has supported the Endangered Wildlife Trusts’s biodiversity stewardship work for more than five years through his role as the senior manager of their land and biodiversity stewardship programme at WWF South Africa. The Green Trust funding that Angus has assisted EWT to leverage amounts to more than R6 million. Angus is a dedicated partner of the EWT’s grassland and wetland stewardship projects and has been instrumental in the development of stewardship projects for the African Crane Conservation Programme, Threatened Grassland Species Programme and Urban Conservation Programme. “Angus has been invaluable and has taken a lead role in terms of addressing mining threats in the grassland biome through stewardship” says Dr Ian Little, the EWT’s Threatened Grassland Species Programme Manager.

A special acknowledgement award was given to Eugene Couzyn, a member of The Bateleurs. Eugene has played a key role in assisting the EWT’s Birds of Prey Programme to conduct aerial surveys in the Kruger National Park and Zululand to determine the number of nests occupied by tree-nesting vultures and other raptors in these important conservation areas. Eugene made available and piloted his personal helicopter and flew more than 79 hours during these surveys with the EWT’s Birds of Prey Programme. “At current commercial rates, the cost to the EWT would have been R870 000 if we had to make use of a helicopter provided by an aviation company.” Explained Andre Botha, the EWT’s Birds of Prey Programme Manager

Because of Eugene’s help, the survey teams were able to obtain data for more than 1300 nests in the survey areas and were able to complete the first ever aerial survey of the Kruger National Park focused on large tree-nesting birds. “Eugene was more than just the pilot and owner of the helicopter, but also donated a substantial amount of his time and insight to assist in the planning and logistical arrangements for the surveys and was always willing to go the extra mile at the request of one of the observers or the navigator. Without his support and participation, we would not have achieved the results we were aiming for.” Remarked Botha.

*Photos available on request.

Please visit http://www.ewt.org.za for more information on the Cheetah Awards.


Kelly Marnewick
Carnivore Conservation Programme Manager
Endangered Wildlife Trust
Tel: +27 11 372 3600


Dr Ian Little
Threatened Grassland Species Programme Manager
Endangered Wildlife Trust
Tel: + 27 33 330 6982


Andre Botha
Birds of Prey Programme Manager
Endangered Wildlife Trust
Tel: +27 11 372 3600


Lillian Mlambo
Communication and Brand Manager
Endangered Wildlife Trust
Tel: +27 11 372 3600

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