USAID-IUCN: A Water Secure Future for southern Africa: Applying the ecosystem approach (EA) in the Orange-Senqu basin

The Orange River Mouth is the South African demonstration site for this IUCN-led project, funded by USAID. Our role is to demonstrate the application of Ecosystems Approach in water resource management at the estuary and we are doing this through:
 Support for proclamation of the estuary as a Protected Area
 Collection and dissemination of biodiversity and ecological data
 Improvement of compliance and enforcement of fishing and other recreational activities at the mouth through the appointment and training of Marine EcoRangers
 Mapping alien invasive plants in the estuary to produce a baseline report with recommendations for control mechanisms, and
 Facilitating citizen science monitoring and involvement with local EcoSchools along the lower Orange.
In order to proclaim the Protected Area, one of the key requirements is to undertake a LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging remote sensing) survey of the site to map the landscape at a fine resolution. This survey is scheduled to take place in October and will be used to finalise the proclamation process. We are also currently recruiting two EcoRangers from the community who will assist the Department of Environmental Affairs and the Northern Cape Conservation Department to document and monitor fishing pressure as well as other activities.

aerial feb15 (148)

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