A first for EWT EcoRangers as they facilitate environmental training of 50 NRM/EPWP staff in Ward 7

We would just like to share with you all probably the first major achievement of our EcoRangers yesterday.

All eight of our trainee EcoRangers were requested to develop a environmental awareness workshop for 50 Natural Resource Management and Expanded Public Works Programme workers in Ward 7, a rural area on the boundary between KZN and Eastern Cape.  The workshop needed to include basic ecology and other environmental concepts.  Not only were they responsible for developing the days programme but they were fully responsible for facilitating the process for the day.

Ward 7 is an area heavily impacted by poverty and alien plant infestation, it is also an area that borders the proposed Beaumont Nature Reserve which we are promoting and this work will add value to our ongoing efforts in the area.

What makes us particularly proud is that they drew up the curriculum on their own.  While it needs a bit more work it was a brilliant first attempt.  Well done EcoRangers!  Below are a series photo’s showing the interactions throughout the days activities.

IMG_5163 IMG_5174 IMG_5192 IMG_5202 IMG_5233 IMG_5244 IMG_5326 IMG_5337 IMG_5349

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