A HOPPING great week from the Western Leopard Toad Roadkill Mitigation Project


Alison reports of a fantastic first week’s work with her team of Toad NUTS (Noordhoek Unpaid Toad Savers).

“Since our initial excitement of installing the barrier on Monday and Tuesday last week and having significant toad numbers behind the barrier or in buckets, we have had very little toad movement since – as you can see from the table below. On Thursday Wally’s team, together with 4 gardeners from the Lake Michelle development, we were able to fully install the western barrier along the cycle track and around the pond at the new entrance. This means that our toads are protected on their journey to and from the ponds.”

Alisons phone Aug 319

The summarised statistics since 5th August are shown below:

frog stats 1

This already shows a decrease in roadkill by 20% from previous years, where Western Leopard Toad road mortalities were as high as 30%.

Once again, well done to the team!

About wendy collinson

Originally hailing from the UK, Wendy gained her Bachelor of Education in 1990, and spent 15 years teaching Physical Education in London to high school students. She moved to South Africa in 2005, beginning work as a research assistant with large carnivores, working on research projects initiated by the Endangered Wildlife Trust. Wendy’s education background has stood her in good stead as a tour guide, since she believes in an interactive approach, engaging guests in specialist carnivore research tours. In addition to her research and tours, Wendy is also the main organiser of the aptly named “BIKE4BEASTS” mountain bike race, organised annually to raise funds for the Endangered Wildlife Trust (www.bike4beast.coza) Wendy is a field worker with the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Wildlife and Transport Programme. She recently completed her Master’s degree at Rhodes University, Grahamstown South Africa, which examined the impacts of roads on South African wildlife.
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