Tanya Smith and Wildlife Photographer Mike Tippett

Tanya Smith of the Drakensberg Crane Conservation Programme recently had the opportunity to meet with Mike Tippett of Elegant Squares Photography. Together they ventured out in the KZN Midlands where Tanya was photographed ringing a Wattled Crane chick, thank you for your support Mike!

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6 Responses to Tanya Smith and Wildlife Photographer Mike Tippett

  1. Beautiful photographs and what an amazing experience to ring one of these rare birds

  2. Mike Tippett says:

    Yup, it was such a special time spent with Tanya and she is such a pro! It was a Special time spent with Tanya and we certainly will be spending more time with her in the very near future witnessing her work in the field. We are building up a documentary as to what is being done on the programme with Tanya and her colleagues. I must add that I am privelaged to be using the latest Sigma lenses. This enables me to get the images that we need.

  3. Kobus Pienaar says:

    Hi Tanya, how I long to get back to doing something worthwhile again like ringing cranes again. I think Mike captured the story very well. Through the pictures he even showed your expertise in ringing cranes!

    • tanyacsmith says:

      Hi Kobus, thanks for the comment…I am very grateful every time I get to have one of those birds in my hands and I was very priviledged to have Mike there with me photographing the ringing and more importantly the reunion! This chick is still doing well and is about 2 weeks from fledging, so fingers crossed!

  4. Gail Gilbert says:

    Hi Tanya, well done such lovely photos. Gail

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