Winter in the Karoo

The winter has arrived in the Karoo and there have even been snowfalls on the mountains south of Middelburg, Eastern Cape (between Middelburg and Graaff-Reinet as well as between Middelburg and Cradock and even between Graaff-Reinet and Murraysburg, Western Cape). Although it is winter, many farm roads are muddy at the moment – something very unusual to see in June! There have even been some showers during the winter months, which is not normal for this being a summer and semi-arid rainfall area. Blue Cranes have been seen in pairs and small flocks ranging from 14 to 20 or even 50 to 60. There have also been large flocks (that one usually sees a bit later in winter) of 200 cranes. Anything is possible with these Karoo cranes! It has been unusual to see large flocks on lucerne lands – not often seen until July and this was not expected after all the rain that was received in the Karoo during the summer. These cranes in the Karoo always surprise us and are difficult to predict where they will be!

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