Greetings from the KZN midlands

Hi all,  my name is Tanya Smith and I’m the senior field officer based in Howick, KZN.  I am resonsible for implementing the Drakensberg Crane Conservation project, where I focus our efforts on conserving South Africa’s most endangered cranes species, the Wattled Crane.  I work in the Drakensberg and foothills thereof in KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape as this area has nearly 90% of the countries population of Wattled Cranes (about 240 of the estimated 260 Wattled Cranes left in SA).  This area is quite stunning with areas dominated by pristine drakensberg and midlands grasslands, large wetlands, commercial farming and forestry.  It’s a highly productive farming area and the Drakensberg is one of South Africa’s most important catchments, as this is the birth place of some of SA’s most important and largest rivers.

I look forward to keeping you all posted with the goings on….but to let you all know, winter is the peak breeding season for Wattled Cranes and it’s when I spend most of my time wading in freezing cold wetlands…so watch this space for updates over a very interesting time in the world of Wattled Cranes.

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3 Responses to Greetings from the KZN midlands

  1. Nicola says:

    So jealous of where you work! It’s so beautiful there – looking forward to hearing more stories! All the best for a successful breeding season!!

  2. Here is one person that I am so proud of, and you are also trying to make such a difference, to an already endangered species, next thing man will have to concentrate is MAN! keep up the good work my Precious

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