The ACCP team

As a new member to the EWT’s blog site, let me start by introducing myself and the ACCP.  I am Kerryn Morrison, Manager of the African Crane Conservation Programme (ACCP), an Endangered Wildlife Trust / International Crane Foundation Partnership.  The ACCP commits to a future where all of Africa’s crane species are secure – a future where people cooperate to protect and restore wild populations and their ecosystems. These efforts sustain the ecosystems on which cranes depend, to the benefit of countless other species.  We focus our attention on the four resident crane species in Africa, namely the Blue Crane Anthropoides paradiseus, Wattled Crane Bugeranus carunculatus, Grey Crowned Crane Balearica regulorum and Black Crowned Crane Balearica pavonina, within four Project Themes: Cranes and Agriculture; African Crane Trade Project; Cranes, Wetlands and Communities; and Research and Conservation Planning.

The ACCP consists of a team of 11 full time staff; formal partnerships with in-country organisations in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda; and  a wide network of individuals and organisations across Africa and further afield.

Over time, you will learn more about our conservation efforts, challenges and successes predominantly in South Africa (where most of the ACCP staff are located) but across Africa as well.  We do hope that you will enjoy your journey with us.


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3 Responses to The ACCP team

  1. Hi Kerryn,
    What a great way for effective communication.

    Strengthening capacity in critical crane areas in my opinion is a top priority to help assure that funded objectives are achieved. Each case will be unique. It’s great that Toga from BirdLife Zimbabwe might be studying for an MS under Peter Mundy. And so on…


  2. Maryna Matthee says:

    Excellent idea!

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