From Wakkerstroom

Hi – this is my first attempt at this way of talking about this lovely area where I live.

It is nearing the end of summer on the highveld and, early as it is, the grass and reeds in the enormous wetland around which Wakkerstroom is situated are turning winter brown. We are short of rain and every day keep hoping for a last burst before winter proper sets in.

The Grey Crowned Cranes that make this wetland their breeding area are proudly displaying their young – and as things stand right now, 4 chicks from 2 pairs have taken to the air – what delight and relief it is to see the young birds fledge – one feels then that they have a chance of making it into adulthood! There are another 5 that could fledge soon – so here’s hoping.  If a reader knows cranes, they may ask how 4 chicks from 2 pairs – it is unusual but on the odd occassion Crownies have 3 young and this year this particular pair fledged them all – wonderful achievement especially if one knows that this pair nest annually in the reeds, as is their wont, and walk their chicks out to the edge of the wetland every day extremely close to a number of houses!

If this blogging attempt works and I gain confidence to try it again, I will do regularl updates on my area of the beautiful highveld grasslands of Mpumalanga.

’til anon


About Glenn Ramke

Nearly 18 years ago I moved from Johannesburg to live in the sleepy little town of Wakkerstroom, Mpumalanga. Little did I know then that my life would turn into a love affair with those lovely big birds that grace the grasslands – cranes. Our SA National bird the Blue Crane adds even more beauty to the extensive highveld grasslalnds and the sometime comic and much loved Grey Crowned Cranes are many visitors’ favourites. And on occasions even a majestic Wattled Crane may be seen. So this long spell with the EWT-Cranes entitles me to the title of “matriarch” amongst my very dear colleagues.
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4 Responses to From Wakkerstroom

  1. This attempt has worked Glenn! Please keep updating us on your beautiful area and wonderful and very important work.

  2. debbiethiart says:

    Super Glenn – the Cranes are Blogging again!!

  3. Hayley says:

    Glenn, so glad you’re blogging! Lovely piece.

  4. Dear Glenn,
    Having such wonderful memories with you, Warwick, Michelle, Samson, the birds and blooms, it’s heart-warming and nostalgic to absorb your blog. Thanks so much and keep sharing.



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