Doing it the Venda Way

Last night we found our way to our next campsite 4X4ing in the dark down through the mountainous Venda villages.

It was another late night around the camp fire. The trophy teams all officially introduced themselves to us and presented their Wild Dog mascots. There are some awesome pups that have been adopted, and have been given very special treatment throughout the trip by their owners.

Another early start, and a quick swim in the waterfall and rock pools behind the camp site, and we set off to the sacred Lake Fundudzi and the mysterious Thathe Vondo Forest whic both hold huge spiritual and cultural significance to the local people.

Its been scorching hot and dry and very dusty. Lucky for us, we hold a lot of information they need for the competition, so we’ve managed to keep going on a couple of bribed ice cold cokes, bottled water and chocolate!

Its a good thing we have tagged along on this awesome experience, as earlier today, one of the loose canons of the group went MIA on foot in valley. Eventually we located him having a cat nap in one of the vehicles further on, but to the relief of all organizers, EWT put an end to any other possibilities of losing him again by strapping our tracking collar to him.

As the challenge draws to an end, the interest and response to Wild Dog conservation has been so great that we’ve decided to auction off experiences with Grant (tracking dogs in the Kruger) and Brendan (in Umfolozi) this afternoon to the teams!

Let the bids roll in…

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