Another day for Wild Dogs in Venda land

Its been a long cross country mountainous drive, through what must surely be one of South Africa’s most magnificent regions. We’re driving towards Venda’s sacred forest, the Thathe Vondo Forest. The myths and legends surrounding the region and the people are special, but are a whole different conversation on their own!

All thirty Land Rover Defenders have been driving in convoy since sunrise this morning and getting each other through some pretty tough 4X4 country.

The EWT WD defender team are in high spirits after running some awesome activities yesterday. At a view point, called WorldsView over looking hundreds of Baobabs on the Northern Kruger border, we asked teams to ID a Wild Dog which had ‘dispersed from a pack in the Kruger’ and crossed the river into Limpopo. Down in the valley we simulated another experience where teams had to track a collared Wild Dog which had been darted and had a snare on it’s leg.

Over a bonfire and a couple of beers, the Wild Dog team spoke about the world of conserving SA’s most endangered carnivore…
Team Wild Dog (clearly our most enthusiastic supporters) presented us with a cheque for R6000 of funds they’d raised prior to the challenge! Another team, ‘two men and a baby(their Wild Dig mascot)’ had bought along 50 Tshirts, they’d designed to auction off!!

With still a couple more hours to go to reach our next camp site, we’re thoroughly enjoying the now far gentler, terrain through peaceful Venda villages.

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