Preparing for the Land Rover Defender Trophy!

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Endangered Wildlife Trust’s wild dog conservationists have been invited to take part in the Land Rover Defender Trophy in support of South Africa’s most endangered carnivore in Feb 2011.

Yesterday the EWT Team, dubbed the Wild Dog Defenders – took part in the advanced off road training and recovery course, where we (and the rest of the participants) discovered just why we’d been invited to attend this pro off road challenge – to provide free entertainment and perhaps  test the patience of the participants traveling behind us!  On our side, we hope to use this awesome opportunity to raise much needed awareness for the plight of Wild Dogs and of course will not resist the opportunity to show off the team’s adventurous spirit.

At Gerotek training facilities we got to know our equipment and learnt the ropes, winches and bolts necessary to get out of the muddy situations we will surely find ourselves in during our time in Venda.

Now we get cracking with team strategies for the competition as well as raising the necessary funds for all the safety and practical gear we will need!  And more importantly the conservation team prepares for the long awaited release of Wild Dogs into the Tembi Game Reserve in KZN – more info on this project will follow soon.

For more pics and info on the Land Rover Experience training course at Gerotek:

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